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How Technical Documentation Helps Sales Selling More

By Federico
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Let’s consider a typical scene: the software is stable enough and your product is ready for sale.

You start with sales and the first customers arrive, but… they have difficulty using your product!

As a result, they open support tickets, contact customer care, or write to the sales representative to understand how to use it best.

This process generates a number of internal requests, committing people from different departments – including developers – which could be avoided by documenting.

In the meantime, however, sales aren’t growing, even if your product is at the top of the market, and you start to wonder why. You do a little investigation and… it turns out that the sales representatives are not able to use the product!

You come to know that DEMOs are often a disaster, especially when customers ask specific questions about using the product.

But above all, you can see the difficulty of those who are making every effort, but cannot make the customer perceive the real functioning of the product because they do not know how to use it clearly. All this could be solved in a very simple way: by documenting.

Now…the truth is, you can’t blame sales!

You have chosen top market players, some with already a customer base. They know how to sell: you know it and they have proven it to you.

The point is only one: they need a little help.

Why your sales representatives need technical documentation

Technical documentation isn’t just for customers or developers: it’s also for sales.

Having technical documentation aimed at using the product and, perhaps, specifically for creating a successful DEMO, helps sales enormously, allowing them to win many more contracts than you can imagine.

The technical documentation that can be designed for sales includes:

  • Standardization of DEMOs, to make sure that everyone follows the same process while having the documentation available, without forgetting anything and without surprises.
  • Documentation of the features and basic operation of the product, so they no longer have to memorize.
  • Possibility of total autonomy, without the need to require the presence of any technician on the call.
  • Continuous updating of documentation from a single “source of truth”, without running various PDFs in the company which are then not updated to the latest version of the software (and this is especially true in environments with frequent releases).

How to develop technical documentation to help your sales representatives sell more

The first thing to do, which may also be obvious, is to rely on a documentation specialist: otherwise, you risk wasting time and money.

The main things to keep in mind when developing sales documentation are:

  • Develop documentation in an environment that is accessible and usable by people who may not have computer skills. Publishing the documentation on a static page (like, for example, GitHub pages) can be an optimal solution. In this way, it is always accessible and updated to the latest revision (no PDF!!).
  • Think of a path to guide sales in a standard DEMO. It doesn’t matter that they illustrate the functioning of the entire product in question: they must be able to show the main features and know how to describe them.
  • Prepare a presentation for the final, sales-oriented part (and your marketing department can definitely help the technical writer here!).

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